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Mullins, Bill CIV (US) william.d.mullins18.civ at MAIL.MIL
Tue Oct 21 19:19:27 UTC 2014

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 The most recent information I got from OED was to use this submission
 I confess that I haven't been too rigorous about doing so, in the belief 
 that the ADS-L was being scraped for citations.  After
 composing an email to the ADS-L with antedatings or other submissions,
 it's kind of cumbersome to use the form.
 Prior to being told to use the form, I had an email address to send
 stuff to, but they quit responding to submissions sent there, and I
 don't have another.

 But since no one is monitoring the list, I'll start using the form.
 > It was asked here several months ago whether any one connected with
 > the OED was monitoring posts here to scoop up antedatings and other
 > useful citations.  In as much as no one came crying, I, yes, I am
 > watching on behalf of the OED, I surmised that indeed, no one is, and
 > it seems that this is now confirmed.
 > So it seems to me that the best practice will be, to post material
 > here and also to submit it to the OED.  Postings here frequently
 > provoke further posts and new citations and are anyway the source of
 > harmless amusement.
 > But as for submitting to the OED -- what is the most effectual
 > GAT

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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