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There is a different answer at Yahoo! Answers -- that "blatt" means a 
sheet, thus two pages, two sides.

"Can anyone tell me what the Jewish/Hebrew word "blatt" means in 
English?  As in, "He studied two blatt of the Talmud a day." As used 
in the Chosen by Chaim Potok. Thanks!"

Best Answer:
"The Talmud is numbered in folios- so you talk about 2a. 2b.3a, 3b 
etc referring to each side of the folio.

When you discuss the Talmud- the entire folio is referenced as a Daf 
(so as you see in my profile I study a daf a day- i.e. a folio feach 
[sic] day). One side of the folion is called an amud - in other 
words- 2a on its own where the daf references both 2a and 2b.

In communities where Yiddish is commonly used- the term daf is 
replaced by blatt to refer to the entire folio.


If this is correct, the word English needs from Hebrew to refer to 
either (an unspecified)side of a sheet is "amud", not "blatt" from 
Yiddish?  (We have already borrowed "recto" and "verso" to refer to 
specific sides.)


At 2/6/2015 11:32 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>Interesting.  Apparently, if I'm interpreting the web info 
>correctly, a "blatt" is half a (double) folio page--17a would be the 
>left-hand side (or, I suppose, the right-hand side) of folio page 17 
>of the Talmud, and 17b the right (or left?) side of the same folio 
>page, so that's a glatt gemara/gemorah.  This would be a useful 
>(well, occasionally useful) word to have in English.  References to 
>Aristotle's Organon, for example, is given in this same tradition, 
>so De Int. 24b6 is the fourth line of the b side of folio page 24 of 
>"Peri Hermenias" or "On Interpretation" (for some reason usually 
>referred to by its Latin name, "De Interpretatione").  But nobody 
>ever refers to such a page-half as a "blatt Organon", although we 
>could change that if we tried.
>On Feb 6, 2015, at 9:39 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
> > In Chaim Potok's 1967 "The Chosen," the protagonist and 
> antagonist are assigned the Talmud in units of blatt 
> (https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__bit.ly_16Biez3&d=AwICaQ&c=-dg2m7zWuuDZ0MUcV7Sdqw&r=wFp3X4Mu39hB2bf13gtz0ZpW1TsSxPIWYiZRsMFFaLQ&m=pdTNzspoLHYG9ZkGhLX-korIYn9xLs5MlLyzormUnbA&s=KKJD9WkOiP-bAjfIPtvOIyr5Sba3aoaXh_Ac3aPK7_s&e= 
> ).
> >
> > The word comes up a number of times in Google Books, often as 
> "blatt gemorah," but Wiktionary and the Oxford Dictionary site have 
> it only as a German word.
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