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Thanks. Excellent match, Stephen.

After extracting text and looking at snippets the periodical seems to
be called "Crow's Lumber Digest". I would guess that the joke was
printed in a section called "Anything Goes" by Bob Smith.

If you search for "Bob Smith" within the volume you can see that one
of the issues in the volume was dated "November 3, 1960". Other probes
show issues dated "October 6, 1960" and "August 11, 1960". Of course,
the joke might have been printed in a different issue, but the
indications are positive for a possible 1960 date.

Below is another newspaper match that is a bit earlier than the other
newspaper matches.

Date: June 22, 1961
Newspaper: Atchison Daily Globe
Newspaper Location: Atchison, Kansas
Article: Here in Atchison
Author: Al Bennett
Quote Page 4, Column 6
Database: NewspaperArchive

[Begin excerpt; check for typos]
I got this one from Tom Kiene of The Topeka Capital: A man sat down at
a bar and saw a grasshopper occupying the adjacent stool. The customer
ordered, quaffed and turned to the grasshopper.

"Say, buddy," he offered brightly, "did you know there is a drink
named for you?" "What!" returned the grasshopper in real amazement. "A
drink named 'Howard'?"
[End excerpt]


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>  A bit more of the dialogue between a beetle [not a bartender] and a grassh=
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> Beetle: "They do too like you. They've even =0A=
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> and Creme-de- Menthe."=0A=
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