[Ads-l] Loss of the English dative "home"? / "Exit out of"

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Mon Feb 9 13:40:49 UTC 2015

Isn't "whom" and it's derived words all we have left of the dative in

Related question: Do 'hence, hither, whence, and whither' still mark
accusative (if they ever did?)


My personal reaction upon hearing 'to home' is like upon hearing 'to
where,' - something sounds a little odd or regional about it -  but I
also consider it part of a trend that current-era English users are
losing the sense of power that certain words can have when left
unsupported by prepositions. Do we really need to exit OUT OF a
building? No, the word 'exit' alone is sufficient.
If I can close a window (in a room) may I simply 'close' a window in a
computer program rather than 'close out of' it?

Does 'exit the program' sound too stark?


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