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Tue Feb 10 15:45:43 UTC 2015

Garson, all of the early uses of "The buck stops here" are to desk signs that say that.  The earliest references say that Brigadier General A. B. Warfield had such a sign, and you suggest that he is the leading candidate for crafter of the expression.  Do you think the signs were all custom-made?  I'm wondering if perhaps office supply or novelty shops came up with these signs.  

John Baker

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Subject: Restricted access to "Stars and Stripes" and "The buck stops here"

While preparing a website entry about the saying "The buck stops here"
I noticed a match in the "Stars and Stripes" in the NewspaperArchive
database. Unfortunately, additional detailed information about the
match was blocked, and the following message was displayed:

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This content has restricted access at the request of a rights holder
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Below is the partial information that subscribers to the
NewspaperArchive database are shown:

Newspaper: Washington Stars and Stripes
Date: Sat, May 23, 1942
Location: Washington, District Of Columbia
Database: NewspaperArchive

[Begin raw OCR match text]
they get around to awarding a Sympathy Medal, 1st Lt. Joseph A.
Dooley. Quartermaster Corps, should lead the parade for citations. On
his desk a sign reads: . The Buck Stops Here." ^ Aid ' Measure s |
Awaits Vote Biggest Convoy of War Arrives as Troops Pour into Ireland
[End raw OCR match text]

Does someone have access to the full newspaper page image for this citation?

There is now an entry on the Quote Investigator website on this "The
Buck Stops Here". At this time, the citation from the "Stars and
Stripes" has been omitted:

Thanks for any help you can provide,

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