[Ads-l] The whole 8.2 meters

Eric Nielsen ericbarnak at GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 18 09:30:14 UTC 2015

Yesterday, my seven-year old roommate was asking where she could plug in
one of her many electronic devices. When I asked how close she needed to be
to the outlet, she replied, "Oh, about a meter."

In both of my current jobs I am involved with young people: A public
library and a Safe Home for abused and neglected children. I have heard all
kinds of language from kids, but, until now, I had not heard any of them
use the metric system so fluently. Well, perhaps a "kilometer" here or
there. Or grams and kilos from the drug savvy.

My roommate said that they will learn about inches, miles, etc.at a later
date--and cursive next year.
Will one have to go the whole 9.1 meters for a first down in football?


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