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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Feb 19 20:56:48 UTC 2015

I've had relatives (including my brother) and friends who lived in Albany, CA, adjacent to (and cheaper real estate than) Berkeley.  I couldn't remember if residents there are Albanians--here's some relevant debate:


Apparently the town itself can be either /aelb at ni/ or /Olb at ni/ and the residents can be Alb/ei/nians (like those on the Adriatic) or Alb/ae/nians ("All-BANN-ians").  Or Albany-ites.  Who knew?  (Nice to see a bit of IPA in the Comments section, anyway.)


On Feb 19, 2015, at 2:18 PM, Charles C Doyle wrote:

> The town name of Albany GA is often pronounced, by Georgians, with the the second syllable stressed: [bI].  The [l] in the first syllable is, of course, optional.
> [bI]--that's an upper case i.
> [l]--that's a lower case L.  
> Damn these non-Times-Roman fonts!
> Charlie
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> My grandmother (b. 1888) once questioned my pronunciation of  " 'Awlbany."
> She thought it "used to be" "Awl 'bayny."
> I could never figure this out. Maybe she had heard "Albanians" and
> "Awlbayny" in the 1890s.
> JL
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