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Thanks. I'll do a search on this talk title. It is off topic but I've been inspired by Andrew Brink's book on the Dutch Eosopus War to look into my Dutch ancestry from New York State.

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> "Following the French and Indian War, Albanians believed themselves 
> to be British, but visiting Britons did not recognize them as fellow 
> countrymen."
> Since this is the first sentence of the description of a talk titled 
> "Degrees of Britishness: The People of Albany, New York, and 
> Questions of Cultural Community Membership, 1763--1775", I suffered a 
> moment of dislocation.  But the next sentence brought me back across the ocean:
> "New World Dutch architecture, the Albany Dutch dialect, and the 
> Dutch Reformed Church contributed to the British view of the 
> Albanians as inter-imperial foreigners: subjects who lived within the 
> British empire but stood outside of the British cultural community."
> And I find it has a long history, even if not as long as in the 
> Caucasuses* -- "Albanian, n.4", "A native or inhabitant of Albany, 
> New York State", from 1689.
> * Not to be confused with Secaucus, which is not close to Albany.
> Joel 
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