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Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 20 12:34:16 UTC 2015

The Finnish word of the year for 2014 is Putin-juusto, or Putin-cheese,
which is cheese produced in Finland for the Russian market, but due to
retaliatory Russian sanctions imposed on the EU cannot be exported.

Normally stuff sold in Finnish shops must be labelled in Finnish and
Swedish, but special permission was given to sell it with Cyrillic labels.
Due to the surplus that needs shifting, it's sold off cheaper. It also
tastes a bit different as it's produced for Russian tastes and not Finnish.


Putin-juusto won 47% of a public vote, from a shortlist of eight, whittled
down from several hundred proposals sent in to national broadcaster Yle.

The other nominees:

17% - Nyhtöpossu - pulled pork
11% - Ebola
7% - Arkihaaste - everyday challenge - apparently a briefly popular
Facebook challenge to post a photo to Facebook each day
7% Viskigate - whiskygate - It was claimed officials banned the word whisky
when talking about a beer and whisky expo on grounds of advertising strong
alcohol, despite it being in the event's name ("Olut & Viski Expo")
3% Kännykkäläheinen - mobile phone care - caring for elderly relatives by
taking care of everyday matters by phone
1% Tindata - verb, to Tinder - to use the Tinder dating app
~0% Venäjä-trolli - Russia-troll - those who trolled message boards and
social media with anti-Russia propaganda during the Ukraine crisis

Links in Finnish. Word of the year:
Nominees of the year:
Other years' winners:


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