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A review of the movie "The Duff" in Variety has some more information
about the apparently abstract nature of the term "duff".

Short link:  http://bit.ly/1JARTDs

[Begin excerpt]
Faced with being a "Duff" - a term that, according to Wes, doesn't
literally refer to looks or weight, but functions as more of a
catch-all phrase for dorky third wheels - Bianca sets out to rectify
her situation . . .
[End excerpt]

The character Wes is a quarterback and lifelong neighbor of the main character.


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> It's undoubtedly completely unrelated, but a nickname for the B-52 bomber is
> the BUFF, or Big Ugly Fat Fucker. It dates to the Vietnam War.
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> >From someone who's has one foot (or at least a couple of toes) in the
> YA-writers' world...it's worth pointing out that Kody Keplinger was very
> young when she started her writing career. As I recall, she landed an agent
> and publisher at the age of 17. One of the review-magazines, commenting on
> "The DUFF," made a note of her "snarky teen-speak" alongside lauding her for
> her realistic characters. I wouldn't be surprised if Keplinger's novels have
> been capturing a lot of interesting slang that's actually found among
> teenagers!
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