[Ads-l] Bloviate and Harding

Mark Peters markpeterswriter at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 23 20:17:57 UTC 2015

I'm doing some research on *bloviate* and it's variations, and I've run
into a weird problem: although virtually every source says Warren Harding
loved to use this word, I can't find a single example of him using it: not
in the OED, GDoS, Yale Book of Quotations, or even Presidential Voices. So
far I've run dry in collections of his letters too.

Is Harding's use of this word just a myth? I know his coining the word was
debunked, but I'm starting to wonder if he ever used it at all.

If anyone has a lead on the man actually using any variation of
*bloviate, *please
let me know. Much thanks!


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