[Ads-l] "distraction" -- the (not-so-)new euphemistic apology upon "resigning"?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Feb 28 17:57:29 UTC 2015

"<something unacceptable, but personal, in my past> has become a distraction".

Not disqualifying from office, not having the potential for conflict 
of interest or for malfeasance, not hindering or handicapping the 
performance of official duties -- merely "distracting".

Not new, but prompted by the resignation yesterday of Paul L. 
Barrett, named only a couple of days earlier "to lead a high-profile 
review of the beleagured MBTA" by Charlie Baker, newly-elected 
Republican governor of Massachusetts and former ten-year CEO of 
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.  Who should, given that background, know 
better how to vet.

Barrett said in a statement released by Baker's office, "I regret 
that my personal financial issues have become a distraction and have 
voluntarily offered my resignation to the governor."

The financial issues in question are unpaid federal income taxes of 
nearly $200,000, "multiple state and federal tax liens, several 
foreclosure notices on his Cohasset home, and a $1 million legal 
judgment stemming from a Cape Cod real estate development that went sour.

One also wonders how "voluntary" the "resignation" was.

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