[Ads-l] "ultracrepidate" and "anti-ultracrepidationism" & the OED

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Feb 28 19:40:21 UTC 2015

There is a fancy word for "going beyond your province": 
"ultracrepidate." So much of copy editing is about not going beyond 
your province. Anti-ultracrepidationism. Writers might think we're 
applying rules and sticking it to their prose in order to make it fit 
some standard, but just as often we're backing off, making 
exceptions, or at least trying to find a balance between doing too 
much and doing too little.

2015 Mary Norris in The New Yorker Feb 23; see 

"ultracrepidate" postdates OED2  --1882.
"anti-ultracrepidationism" not in OED3


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