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Here are two pertinent entries constructed by the world's top expert
on American slang.

Title: Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang,
Author: Jonathan E. Lighter
Volume 1: A-G
Quote Page 174
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[Begin excerpt]
bizarro n. [partially sugg. by the character Bizzaro, introduced in
Superman comics in 1957-58] a bizarre person.

1980 W. Sherman Times Sq. 13: Joe thought about arresting the bizarro.

1985 Univ. Tenn. prof., age ca32: These people are real bizarros.
[End excerpt]

[Begin excerpt]
bizarro adj. bizarre; (also) crazy.

1971 Current Slang 5: Go bizarro...To lose one's composure; to be driven insane.

1973 in L. Bangs Psychotic Reactions 122: The bizarre lushed-up Irish
scrubwoman Kitty McShane.

1979 New West (Sept. 24) 88: His more recent drug-laden, bizarro epistolaries.

1982 Sculatti Catalog of Cool 49: Bizarro TV yarn starts with acid flashback.

1986 E. Weiner Howard the Duck 47: Whatever bizarro drug someone had
slipped her.
[End excerpt]


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> Is anyone aware of *bizarro *(as in the supervillain and the Bizarro Jerry
> from *Seinfeld*) being listed in any dictionaries? I'm working on an
> article on this fun word.
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