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OED has a hard-dated entry of 1940 for cheeseburger, and Barry Popik's web site has one from 1933.  They both cite an undated menu from the LA Public Library; Barry dates it 1928 and the OED dates it ca. 1930.

Here is a antedate for the hard-dated ones.

Jan 15 1932 _San Luis Obispo [CA] Daily Telegram_ p 8 col 5
[advertisement] "Inaugurating the new CHEESEBURGER SANDWICH"

I don't know what to make of this cite:

24 Feb 1923 _Kingston [NY] Daily Freeman_ p 8 col 5
" "Cheese" Burger, former star forward on the varsity, held the whistle, and allowed a fast contest."

Although it has been previously discussed on the list:

Barry found "cheese and hamburger sandwich" from 1926:

14 Sept 1911 _Bryan [TX] Daily Eagle and Pilot_ P 2 col 4
"If it were not for beer the world would likely require less cheese and hamburger steak."

Barry found "hamburger and cheese sandwich" from 1925:

22 Aug 1919 _Dublin [TX] Progress and Telephone_ p 6 col 5
[advertisement]  "Near Beers  . . .  Bottled and in Kegs Also Hamburger and Cheese Lunches"

18 Dec 1919 _St. Mary's Star_ [St. Marys KS] p 2 col 2
[advertisement] "Hamburger and Cheese Sandwiches"

20 Jan 1921 _The Cheney [KS] Sentinel_ p 8 col 3
"Fred Pilgrim, Loyd Gawthrop and Tom Clark served a delicious two course lunch of hamburger and cheese sandwiches, celery and pickles, and ice cream sundaes."

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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