[Ads-l] Modern Proverb: Life is just one damn thing after another

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Way back in March 2010 I initiated a discussion thread about the
following adage. Now there is an entry on the Quote Investigator
website which includes an acknowledgement to some ADS mailing-list

Life Is Just One Damn Thing After Another

[Begin acknowledgement]
Great thanks to the discussants Bill Mullins, Dan Goncharoff, Charles
Doyle, Alison Murie, and Victor Steinbok. Special thanks to Mullins
for locating the Wilkes-Barre citation.
[End acknowledgement]

With appreciation; feedback welcome,

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> Does anyone know (or have a good guess) about how "ODTAA" might be pronounced? Initialism or acronym? It's commonly called an acronym, but most things are. Masefield in some of his letters does seem to have spelled the title of his novel "Odtaa" (the book itself shows the word in all caps--but then, that's common on title-pages and spines). How about currently? It's a little hard to imagine how the word might be pronounced acronymically.
> --Charlie

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