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The earliest I see for “dear birthmother letter”, a letter or essay written by people seeking to adopt to a prospective birthmother, is 1991. Simply looking at raw Googits, “birthmother” is preferred to “birth mother”. The Oxford Dictionary site offers the closed version only in its French dictionaries (http://bit.ly/1LM6qKf <http://bit.ly/1LM6qKf>).

1. 1991 (Google-dated)
Adoption choices: a guidebook to national and international adoption resources
By Ellen Paul

Home Study: Compilation and assessment of description of prospective adoptive family members, education and occupation, marital relationship, spiritual and family life, health, experience with children, description of home and pets, finances, motivation to adopt, adoptive mother's career plans and "Dear Birthmother" letter.

2. 1994 (Google-dated)
How to adopt a child: a comprehensive guide for prospective parents
By Connie Crain, Jan Duffy

Develop a resume and a “Dear Birthmother” letter to give to potential contacts who may help you locate your birthmother

3. DBM - updated
Writing, Then Re-Writing, Our 'Dear Birth Mother' Letter
By Nelson Handel 
http://bit.ly/1JzJ5su <http://bit.ly/1JzJ5su>

So we needed to write one, a DBM letter.

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