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Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 7 03:20:34 UTC 2015

victor steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM wrote:
"There is an Okane club in LA (Korea Town) and a sushi bar is opening in
Seattle in October. But why would anyone name a rice bowl dish after
"money"? Unless there is some transferred meaning, "okanedon" means
"moneybowl". Your local chef is playing a joke on you, Wilson. Or else,
you're playing a joke on the rest of us."

For some reason, I didn't reply to this.

There's no joke involved. The proprietor didn't play a trick on the dumb
_kurombo_. Rather, I was introduced to it, ca. 1963, by a sansei friend. In
this particular case, the relevant kanji for _o-kane_ can certainly be read
as "gold," but the meaning is "shrimp," in this particular case.

What is now "Korea Town" was my old neighborhood, in the '50's and '60's.
Back then, that 'hood was sufficiently ethnically and racially mixed that
it still had only the official name of "Wilshire District." But that was 65
years ago.

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