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Another terminological aspirant from Silicon Valley.

Website: Wired
Date: September 14, 2015
Article: Silicon Valley Success Goes to the Fastest, Not the First
Author: Cade Metz


[Begin excerpt]
"What most people don't appreciate about why so many great companies
come out of Silicon Valley is the knowledge of how to do scale-up.
It's not just that you build an app and everything works out," says
Hoffman, a partner with Silicon Valley venture capital firm Greylock.
"What first mover means is first mover to scale. If you don't play the
move-fast game, you can frequently lose out to someone who is."

Hoffman calls this blitzscaling, and he points to Facebook as a prime
example. Mark Zuckerberg and company built the world’s most popular
internet service in a mere six years.
[End excerpt]


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