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Wed Sep 16 19:44:19 UTC 2015

The earliest tweet I see with the word "Werifesteria" was sent in
November 21, 2014. The tweet pointed to a pinterest board.

The pinned item depicted a forest with a textual overlay. The overlay
provided a definition of "Werifesteria". The pinned item was saved by
"Lisa Miller" via "Laura Frantz, Author". The date was 42 weeks ago. I
scanned through the pins of Laura Frantz but I did not see the image.
Perhaps I was inattentive; or the pic was deleted; or not all pins
were shown. Someone else may wish to look.

The note with the pinned item stated: Found on fubiz.net. I visited
this website which specializes in photography. A collection of forest
images under the title "Stopping by Woods" was posted on September 18,
2013. The photos were created by German photographers named Kathrin
Loges and Jan Wunderlich according to the website description. The
background image used in the pinned item was included in the
collection of photographs. However, the image did not include the
textual overlay specifying the definition of "Werifesteria".

Tweet link:

Tweet name: Lisa C. Miller
Tweet handle: @inspirationlisa
Tweet timestamp: 9:09 PM - 21 Nov 2014

[Begin tweet body]
Werifesteria http://pinterest.com/pin/531917405963753141/
[End tweet body]

Pinterest link:

[Begin pinterest information]
Pinned by Lisa Miller 42 weeks ago
Title: Werifesteria
Saved by Lisa Miller Via Laura Frantz, Author
Found on fubiz.net
[End pinterest information]

fubiz link:

[Begin furbiz information]
Title: Stopping by Woods
Approximate Timestamp: 2 years ago
Date: September 18, 2013
Written by Solène
Keyword: Nature

[Begin description]
German photographers Kathrin Loges and Jan Wunderlich reveal the
forest landscapes of Upper Bavaria in their latest and beautiful
series of photographs entitled Stopping by Woods. Beautiful images
with mystical beauty to be discovered in the following section.
[End description]


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> A subscriber to World Wide Words has asked me about "werifesteria", a term
> which has become known online, in social media particularly, within about
> the past year.
> It is said to be Old English, meaning "to wander longingly through the
> forest in search of mystery".
> It's obviously enough a neologism. If anyone has any information at all
> about who may have invented it, or even its presumed etymology, my
> subscriber and I would be delighted to learn it!
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