[Ads-l] Central site for antedatings WAS Re: Antedating of "Simoleon"

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 11 19:00:47 UTC 2016

For me, antedatings generally come here to ADS-L, cc OED.

Sometimes I also put them on Wiktionary.

> What would be the pros and cons of having wiktionary
> <https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/simoleon>-like place for language
> researchers to post antedatings? Here are a few. Would love further input
> as to the pros and cons of such a site.

If you want to list them on a Wiktionary-like place, just use
Wiktionary! It's already moderated and administered.

This may help formatting: https://hugovk.github.io/wiktionary-tools/

Although, bizarrely, an editor once told me "tweets generally aren't
considered valid as citations on Wiktionary, per the prevailing
interpretation of the "durability" portion of WT:CFI. I personally
disagree with this interpretation. The only accepted online source is
Usenet. It strikes me as illogical to allow random Usenet posts as
cites while disallowing articles from established online news and
commentary sites like The Register, but, as they say, them's the
rules." I just ignore this, but it does mean they may later take them

So posting to ADS-L and ccing OED is definitely the easiest minimum:
it's archived, searchable, will reach people who are interested, you
don't need to worry about formatting and strange citation rules.


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