[Ads-l] "voxel", circa 1981; not in OED

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Sun Aug 28 14:24:40 UTC 2016

4. Volume Analysis Mode (Three Dimensional)This mode is equivalent to series of point analyses performed in the grid points of athree-dimensional grid.  … The smallestspatial quantization elements are the “voxels” (volume elements).

P. Braun, F. Rüdenauer, and F. P. Viewböck, “SurfaceAnalysis Using Charged-Particle Beams.”  In _Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics_, vol. 57 (1981), p.  295.  [Google Books, Preview.]

In 1983, O. D. Faugeras, _Fundamentals in Computer Vision: AnAdvanced Course_, p. 206: “In 3D, a "voxel" (short for "volume element") …”.  [Google Books, Preview.]


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