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LH wrote:
> As Geoff says, 1973 is the usual pub. date given but the copyright note
> in my  copy says 1971.  As Wavy Gravy sort of said, if you can remember
> accurate dates from that era, you weren't there.

LH seems to be referring to a remark that I examined on the QI website.

If You Remember the ’60s, You Really Weren’t There

(Arguably, the 1960s era extended into the early 1970s.) Stephen
Goranson found the earliest germane citation in the "Los Angeles
Times" on June 13, 1982:

[Begin excerpt]
EXIT LINE: Comedian Charlie Fleischer observes: "If you remember the
’60s, you really weren’t there."
[End excerpt]

The most interesting and enjoyable event occurred after this
information was posted. Charles Fleischer saw the article, and he left
a comment expressing gratitude for the ascription.

[Begin excerpt]
Comment Poster: Charles Fleischer
Date: March 1, 2012 at 2:06 am
Thank you for providing the truth.
[End excerpt]

(Note, I have not authenticated the identity of the author of the
comment, but I think it probably was the comedian.)

Additional evidence would be welcome,

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