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> Macht nichts

Reminds me of _mox-nix stix_, GI slang for old-fashioned mechanical,
turn-signals on German work-vehicles, such as trucks: an arm that popped
out of the left or out of the right door frame of such a vehicle to
indicate the direction of a pending turn.

Druggists' Circular - Volume 57 - Page 660
1913 - ‎Read - ‎More editions
And then, too, it is strictly a case of _mox nix aus_ if you are awry-eyed.
If you've only a thirst for knowledge — you can satisfy it by imbibing the
spirit of progress. If the latest isn't out yet — keep a weather eye peeled
on yer journal, my hearty!

The Marble Orchard - Page 55
1956 - ‎Snippet view
“Anyway, it's _mox-nix-house_ to me. I'll go where I please—there, or

FIW, IMO, the German form is _macht es nichts (aus)_.

While checking for "mox-nix stix" in HDAS, I came across the BE term,
_mug_, defined "(as in *(b), *above [i.e. as the same word as sE slang
_mug_ "a low, crude fellow; hoodlum; lout ...], but regarded as a euphem.

What makes this a ephemism, the authentic equivalent of sE pswaydo-BE
_mofo_, is not any kind of connection with sE _mug_ in any meaning. Rather,
BE _mug_, pronounced approx. [mʌ: is a hyper-black, mumbled - cf., e.g.
Saint Louis's own Clark Terry's jam, Mumbles


in which he reduces this style of BE speech, ordinary in The Lou - those
with long memories may recall my anecdote of finding my BE incomprehensible
to the black bourgeoisie of Los Angeles, though white Angeleños had no
problems with my sE - to its incoherent minimum -

 pronunciation of "motherfucker"
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