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OED has 1860

_Baltimore Sun_ 10 Nov 1842 p 2 col 2 (quoted from _Boston Evening Bulletin_) (newspapers .com)
"This happy day is fast approaching -- the turkies are gobbling and growing fat, the chickens are crowing and getting plump, and the oxen are eating corn and pumpkins, that the pilgrims of old Massachusetts may have a feast, and their sons and daughters may have a frolic with wish-bones and mince-pies!"

Wishbone offense -- OED has 1972

_Paris [TX] News_ 27 Sep 1968 p 8 col 7 (newspapers.com)
"Tech will be the second test for Royal's new offense, which he calls a "wish-bone T", with fullback Steve Worster up a step behind the quarterback."

_Port Angeles [WA] Evening News_ 2 Jan 1969 p 10 col 1 [newspapers.com]
"I watched Texas start out in its "wishbone" offense and after a short Longhorn punt, it was "you're in good hands with (insurance company." "

Wishbone [automotive suspension] -- OED has 1934
_Greenville [SC] News_ 28 Dec 1933 p 10 col 8 (newspapers.com)

"Instead of an axle connecting the wheels to the frame through leaf-type springs each front wheel is fastened directly to the chassis by two V-shaped links, destined to be called "wishbones" ".

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