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Fri Dec 9 17:56:47 EST 2016

I'm the "alert reader" in the following. Never thought I'd live to see this
-- of course, I never thought I'd live to see "President Trump"! The sky is
indeed falling!!

Another Sign of the Apocalypse: A Grammatical Error in the New Yorker
December 9, 2016

An alert reader discovers a grammatical error in “Banned Books and
<http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/12/12/people-of-the-book-2> by
Louis Menard, in the December 12 *New Yorker:*

Completion took three years, and, since Heller was incapable of editing
himself—he was a compulsive adder and fixer—Gottlieb was heavily involved
in shaping the text. Finally, just as the book was about to go to press, it
was learned that Leon Uris was scheduled to published a new novel called
“Mila 18.” Uris was, in those days, a reliable best-seller, and Heller was
an unknown. Many brain cells were burned through pondering alternative
titles, until, late one night, Gottlieb came up with “Catch-22.” He
excitedly called Heller. “It’s funnier than ‘18’!” he exclaimed. Somehow,
it is.

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