[Ads-l] re-up

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 9 23:29:32 EST 2016

WB: <re-up> 'to re-enlist' (U.S. military slang), with possibility of
getting a re-enlistment bonus. Now that the U.S. military & veterans'
affairs have cachet once again, it's cool to cosy up to GI Joe.
JL: << CNN advises us ["that's U.S.", as Paul Harvey would say] to "get
re-upped on" our MMR vaccinations. >>
I.e., join the crusade against vaccine avoidance: get the kids their
booster shots, you nut-case parents! (Note how radical Islamic terror
results in the resurgence of preventable diseases, too.)

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