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Bill Mullins amcombill at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 17 05:04:30 UTC 2016

The new words in the OED for this quarter include "Bama," as a reference to the state of Alabama or the University of Alabama, particularly its sports teams.

A variant not yet listed is "Bammer", meaning a fan of the Univ of AL sports teams (sometimes derisively).

McComb MS _Enterprise-Journal_ 30 May 2014 p A5 col 5
"In Birmingham you'd say, "He's an Auburn fan," or "He's a Bammer."

_Montgomery [AL] Advertiser_ 7 Dec 2013 p B3 col 6

"The Auburn Plainsman issued its own apology Friday for an editorial that 
referred to some Crimson Tide fans by the derisive nickname "Bammers." "

_Anniston [AL] Star_ 13 Oct 2011 p 14 col 2
"The NCAA's standard of proof might even come as a shock to some Auburn fans -- that message
board minority that outshouts itself with paranoid delusions of a Bammer world, 
determined to keep little brother in his place."
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