[Ads-l] Heard: "_She_ was the group's _de-facta_ leader."

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 23 08:14:24 UTC 2016

WG:  << She was the group's de-facta leader >>
WB:  Regenderizing English! I likes it!
LH:  << ... "womano-on-womano" seem perfectly unremarkable >>
WB:  OTOH a neutered <manx a manx> would look & sound like a tail-less
(un-neutered) cat fight. Chromosomally, <many a manx> could roughly
translate as 'wife abuse'. (Or 'a lot of tail-less cats' still.)
<Mano a mano> 'a macho, hand-to-hand dustup'. Why not <mano a mana> 'wife
Using <á> could indicate acute mayhem: <máno á máno> (switchblades).
BTW <acute appendicitis> should be spelled <áppendicitis>. Cf. <gràve>
'extremely somber'. Côntôrtiônist.

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