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Thu Dec 29 17:05:11 EST 2016

> > I meant nothing political or otherwise by using the term "mixed race"
> >
> I didn't - and don't - think that of you at all. I did give consideration to the possibility that my political tirade might be both problematic for
> you and out of place on the listserv. But then I thought, "I'm going to die, soon (metaphorically-speaking, perhaps). Fuck it." 🤡
> On a more-serious note, please accept my apologies, Bill.

1.  No apologies necessary.
2.  We all hope that the day you go to meet your reward is in the far distant future.
3.  I didn't find your "tirade" (and wouldn't have characterized it as such) in any way problematic, or out of place on the listserv.
4.  I am very aware that when I speak of the difficulties that a black man has because of white racism, I am treading a dangerous path.  I see feminist writers complain of "mansplaining"; the last thing I want to do is "whitesplain".    But Sample's comments, I thought, were worthy of note, so I just tried to reproduce them as matter-of-factly as I could, from the memory of a radio show heard about an hour before.

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