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There is an entry mentioning the confusion between gamut/gauntlet at
the website for "Common Errors in English Usage although both example
phrases used "run" instead of "range":


[Begin excerpt]
To "run a gamut" is to go through the whole scale or spectrum of
something. To "run the gauntlet" (also gantlet) is to run between two
lines of people who are trying to beat you. And don’t confuse "gamut"
with "gambit," a play in chess, and by extension, a tricky maneuver of
any kind.
[End excerpt]

The discussion section of the eggcorns website included a message that
mentioned gamut/gauntlet together with a large number of other word


Also mentioned here:


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> This appeared in IndieWire's recent predictions for Oscar nominations:
> And while calling them "diverse" is questionable ... they do range the gaun=
> tlet from blockbuster to teeny tiny indie and quite a few things in between=
> ...
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> (I presume  the writer meant "run the gamut".)
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