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Is this an accurate summary:

Barry Popik, website (Cohen), 5/3/1921 NY Morn Telegraph
Barry Popik, pers communication to Shapiro, between 4/1/1922 and 4/17/1922 NY Morn Telegraph

Fred Shapiro, ADS-L post, 4/17/1922 Louisville Courier
Barry Popik, website (Cohen), 5/3/1922 NY Morn Telegraph
Fred Shapiro, ADS-L post, 5/3/1922 Louisville Courier

>From the Fulton website, I can add:

3/30/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 10
"Always a hard worker, Turner is keenly desirous of leading the New York riders this year, and his affiliation with the Rose stable
may enable him to do so, for there are many good ones in the barn and they will win plenty of races on "the big apple" this year. "
 [from Fitz Gerald article datelined Laurel MD Mar 29]

4/1/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 8
"He will have the acid test put to him on "The Big Apple" within a few weeks."
[from Fitz Gerald article datelined Washington Mar 31]

4/6/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 11
"It would seem that the West holds a big call over the East in the Kentucky Oaks this year, for certainly the above three fillies far outranked anything of their age and sex shown on "the big apple" during 1921."
[from Fitz Gerald article]

4/10/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 10
"This is just as it should be, for the Jamaica track will open the season on "the big apple" on May 3."
[no byline/dateline]

4/19/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 7
"The Fisher horses will move on to Pimlico at the close here and then journey to Long Island for a campaign over "the big apple." "
[datelined 4/18 from Havre de Grace MD]

4/21/1922 NY Morn Telegraph 
"Johnnie Coakley is another who deserted "the big apple" for a whirl at the iron men."
[datelined 4/20 from Havre de Grace MD]

4/23/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 1
"It was a good performance and a convincer that he will held his own in the early racing on "the big apple." "
[from Fitz Gerald article datelined Havre de Grace 4/22]

4/27/1922 NY Morn Telegraph p 9
"Kimball Patterson will bring four of the Jim Beam flat racers to "the big apple" this Summer."
[datelined 4/26 from Havre de Grace MD]

Probably unrelated, but included for completeness's sake.

4/25/1922 NY Morn Telegraph
"He allowed the visitors to soak the big apple, in the final cants, but the Yanks went out and won for him two chapters later."
[account of a Yankees/ Athletics  baseball game]

Multiple citations from 5/1/1922 and later are not included.

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