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Mon Jan 11 04:48:59 UTC 2016

I've mentioned more than once that, when ibuprofen, under the brand-name,
"Motrin," was still a prescription drug, I was under the impression that
the name was "Moltrin" [moUltrIn].

In the Facebook S.I.G., You Know You [_be_-deletion] From Saint Louis If
You Remember..., a member asks,

"Who remember [3rd Sing. _s_-deletion] going to the Kiel Auditorium to see
this group?"

wherein _group_ = The Jackson Five. One discussant comments:

"Me. We had some good seats 2nd _roll_ and 3rd _roll_."

OT random picks: A white member comments wistfully,

"I wanted to see them, but my parents wouldn't let me."

Her parents probably feared for her safety. All those colored boys...

In my day, it was simply "Kiel Auditorium" and not "_the_ Kiel..."

Another discussant asks:

"_I'm I_ the only one who thought that that 'St. Louis-Style pizza' looked
a little suspect?" Probably the consequence of a mind-fart that replaced
_&_ (aesc) with (IPA lowest front vowel) _a_ [a].

A third states:

"I remember _it_ use to be a movie theater in the old Northland shopping

A clip posted by "Real Niggas' [sic, i.e. not _Niggaz'_] Opinion," features
a TV singing commercial from the '80's for the beauty parlor, "Jurl's"-
spelled _Jarrell's_, thereby driving the use of the alternate
pronunciation, "juhRELL's by speakers, too - "Curls." The advertised price
is "twin-tee-seven fit-tee" in order to "look good in the cit-tee." One
Real Nigga points out that the "fit-tih cint" is bizarre - round up or
round down. The other replies, "I ain't hear [h@:r] that!" Wanting to
contact Jarrell in order to clarify this, they ask,

"Where [hwV:r] is Jarrell?"

subtitled - I have no idea why subtitling is thought useful - as

"_Whurr_ is Jarrell?"

WAG: Perhaps "Where Jarell at?" isn't used because this implies the
expectation of some kind of answer. In context, "Where is Jarell?"is
rhetorical, with no expectation that he will answer, "Here I'm is!" or that
someone who was around in 1984 is going to call in with the answer.

"snoop album broke records when it _day viewed_"

"But your looking over" - i.e. overlooking - "the point of this post."

A thread has the title, "Rep Yo Middle School!" in which the "repping" is
just *naming* yo middle school.
All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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