[Ads-l] text stop (OT)

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 11 22:14:01 UTC 2016

GL: << My wife told me of a news story that in one EU country (Denmark?)
have decided that since so many people will be texting while driving anyways,
it will now be a required task on the diving test. >>
LH: << Yes, but texting while diving can be particularly dangerous, to the
phone as well as the diver. >>

WB: Reminds me there oughta be a law against **dunk diving**. (I.e.,
text-driving while trying to retrieve part of a doughnut from a hot coffee
cup. As GL indicates, such a law should apply to dunking Danishes while
texting, as well. Join Mothers Against Dunk Divers ... today!)

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