[Ads-l] Another Early Citation for "Big Apple"

Cohen, Gerald Leonard gcohen at MST.EDU
Mon Jan 18 17:29:35 UTC 2016

On January 5, 2016, Fred Shapiro wrote:
‘Barry Popik, whose work on “Big Apple” is legendary, has informed me
that there are two cites by John J. Fitz Gerald in the New York Morning
Telegraph that are earlier in the month of April 1922 than the
Louisville cite dated April 17.’

*    *    *
Yesterday I wrote to Barry asking for the two 1922 quotes, and his 
helpful reply (with the number of quotes now raised to four) appears below
my signoff.
Gerald Cohen 
co-author with Barry Popik of _Origin of New York City's Nickname
"The Big Apple"_,  2nd, revised and expanded edition,
 (Frankfurt am Main.: Peter Lang), 2011. 

[Jan. 17 reply from Barry Popik]:  
The Fulton site digitized the New York Morning Telegraph for parts of
1922 and 1923. <snip> There are four cites before April 17, 1922, 
not the two that I wrote. I have requested digitization for 1920 and 
1921 and 1924.
Go to:
Use the "boolean" search, then the search terms "big apple" and
"morning telegraph." Add "1922" and "April" if you wish. Or change from
a "boolean" search to "the exact phrase," and type in what I have at
the top below (e.g., "New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0508.pdf").
New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0508.pdf
March 30, 1922: Always a hard worker, Turner is keenly desirous of
leading the New York riders this year, and his affiliation with the
Rose stable may enable him to do so, for there are many good ones in
the barn and they will win plenty of races on "the big apple" this year.
New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0526.pdf
April 1, 1922: He will have the acid test put to him on "The Big Apple"
within a few weeks.
New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0626.pdf
April 6, 1922: It would seem that the West holds a big call over the
East in the Kentucky Oaks this year, for certainly the above three
fillies far outranked anything of their age and sex shown on "the big
apple" during 1921.
New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0721.pdf
April 10, 1922: This is just as it should be, for the Jamaica track
will open the season on "the big apple" on May 3.
(No byline. -- ed.)
--Barry Popik
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