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These are the same four I posted to the ADS-L on Jan 6.

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> On January 5, 2016, Fred Shapiro wrote:
> Barry Popik, whose work on "Big Apple" is legendary, has informed me that there are two cites by John J. Fitz Gerald in the New
> York Morning Telegraph that are earlier in the month of April 1922 than the Louisville cite dated April 17.
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> Yesterday I wrote to Barry asking for the two 1922 quotes, and his helpful reply (with the number of quotes now raised to four) appears
> below my signoff.
> Gerald Cohen
> co-author with Barry Popik of _Origin of New York City's Nickname "The Big Apple"_,  2nd, revised and expanded edition,  (Frankfurt am
> Main.: Peter Lang), 2011.
> [Jan. 17 reply from Barry Popik]: 
> The Fulton site digitized the New York Morning Telegraph for parts of
> 1922 and 1923. <snip> There are four cites before April 17, 1922, not the two that I wrote. I have requested digitization for 1920 and
> 1921 and 1924.
> ...
> Go to:
> http://www.fultonhistory.com/fulton.html
> ...
> Use the "boolean" search, then the search terms "big apple" and "morning telegraph." Add "1922" and "April" if you wish. Or change from a
> "boolean" search to "the exact phrase," and type in what I have at the top below (e.g., "New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0508.pdf").
> ...
> New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0508.pdf March 30, 1922: Always a hard worker, Turner is keenly desirous of leading the New York
> riders this year, and his affiliation with the Rose stable may enable him to do so, for there are many good ones in the barn and they will win
> plenty of races on "the big apple" this year.
> ...
> New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0526.pdf April 1, 1922: He will have the acid test put to him on "The Big Apple"
> within a few weeks.
> ...
> New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0626.pdf April 6, 1922: It would seem that the West holds a big call over the East in the Kentucky
> Oaks this year, for certainly the above three fillies far outranked anything of their age and sex shown on "the big apple" during 1921.
> ...
> New York NY Morning Telegraph 1922 - 0721.pdf April 10, 1922: This is just as it should be, for the Jamaica track will open the season on
> "the big apple" on May 3.
> (No byline. -- ed.)
> ...
> --Barry Popik
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