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I recall first eating these around 1985. I don’t see “lap chong” or “lap cheong” in the Oxford Dictionary site. Wiktionary has an entry for “lop cheong” (http://bit.ly/1lGQobS <https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lap_cheong>) and Wikipedia has an article on Chinese sausage (http://bit.ly/1RGC9C3).

An image of the sort I often see in the grocery store is at http://bit.ly/1Peg23V <http://foodiemcbooty.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/IMG_7137-2.jpg>.

I find two citations from the 1970s for “lap cheong” on Google Books, but I cannot provide an URL showing the snippet, either in the search results or on the book page, for the first one.

1. 1972
http://bit.ly/1PrsBdZ <http://bit.ly/1PrsBdZ>
Life Is for a Long Time: A Chinese-Hawaiian Memoir
Ling-Ai Li

"With this, she hurriedly opened each gift and described each item as she went along, 'a big fat capon hen, two whole pounds of number one quality lap cheong sausages, one …

2. 1978
http://bit.ly/1OGkI0N <http://bit.ly/1OGkI0N>
As I was Passing, Volume 2
Adibah Amin

You get and-pows, and you feast on lap-cheong sausages and black mushrooms and abalone and roast…

3. 1980 - This is the earliest instance I see in print for “lop chong”, according to Google. Searching for the years 1981 to 1990 reveals nothing, so perhaps it is accurate:
http://bit.ly/1Peg4ZE <http://bit.ly/1Peg4ZE>
You, Volume 1, Issues 1-4
Imprint Caribbean

… and Lap Chong Jign Kai (Steamed chicken with Chinese sausage and Black mushrooms).

4. 1983
Menu Mystique: The Diner's Guide to Fine Food & Drink
Norman Odya Krohn
http://bit.ly/1nsazfC <http://bit.ly/1nsazfC>

LAP CHONG (Chinese) Pork sausage. The Chinese have two favorite sausages: lap chong, made from finely ground pork mixed with spices, and pop gang chong, made from duck liver.

In China, the lap chong sausage is steamed and served with rice or…

5. 1898
Google also has http://bit.ly/1ngM6t6 <http://bit.ly/1ngM6t6>, but there is no view that allows confirmation.

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