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Yes, not "nondisclosure".  I didn't have a better word until I later read someone using "nonderogatory agreement".


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More fully:

“A tweet is a simple tweet. The bottom line is you can read into things 
that are not there.” [Sic; a missing "it" or "them".]

Corey Lewandowski, on CNN July 3.  Lewandowski, Donald Trump's former 
campaign manager, is now a newly-hired CNN commentator who had 
previously signed a nondisclosure agreement with Trump that prohibits him 
from saying anything negative about Trump or his campaign.
<end quote>

This is NOT a "nondisclosure agreement", which is an agreement not to disclose inside information learned while an employee.  This is better described as a gag order, since Levandowski had he signed a nondisclosure agreement, would be allowed to say negative things about Trump as long as they referred to things that happened (such as the infamous Star-of-David tweet) after leaving the Trump campaign.

I'd like to know what the Gehenna CNN was thinking when they hired a commentator who is so blatantly censored.

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