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OED New listings:

"Air Punch" sense 1.b. -- an airborne military attack (1940)
Philadelphia _Evening Ledger_ 15 Jun 1917 p 3 col 3 [newspapers.com]
[headline] "U.S. Urged To Put Air Punch Into War"

Air punch sense not included -- a type of machine tool
Pittsburgh _Daily Post_ 30 Jun 1920 p 13 col 7  [newspapers.com]
"He claims the loss of four fingers through the fault of a defective air punch."

Dudette -- OED has 1883.  There is a racing horse named "Dudette" in the Chicago _Inter Ocean_ 7 June  1882 [newspapers.com]

Vampire Squid -- OED has 1958
_Waco [TX] Sunday Tribune-Herald_ 26 Oct 1947 p 10 col 6 [newspapers.com]
"Because of its weird appearance it has been appropriately named "Vampyroteuthis Infernalis," the "Vampire Squid of Hell." "

Scouring pad -- 1926
_Brookly Daily Eagle_ 12 Nov 1911 p 3 col 3 [newspapers.com]
[display advertisement] "A New Cork Felt Scouring Pad, With which you can clean knives, pots, pans, etc., better than with a cloth."

Spray Tan -- 1953
Danvill VA _Bee_ 22 Jun 1950 p B11 col 5 [newspapers.com]
[display advertisement] "Spray-Tan - - 43¢"

Scooby Snack sense 2 -- any of various narcotic or illegal drugs -- 1996
Chapel Hill NC _Daily Tar Heel_ 15 Nov 1990 mag sec p 8  col 3 [newspapers.com]
"They were perpetually stoned on Scooby Snacks, and that was the reason they lasted so long."

Taking Candy From a Baby -- 1900
_Arkansas City [KS] Traveler_ 8 Jan 1898 p 5 col 3 [newspapers.com]
"The Third warders say winning the game was like taking candy from a baby."

Shooting fish in a barrel -- 1903
_Pittsburg [PA] Press_ 23 Feb 1902 p 6 col 4 [newspapers.com]
""Just as simple as shooting fish in a barrel," said the lucky winner."


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