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"To pass this test without rendering jake unpalatable, some bootleggers
added castor oil."

"Castor oil"?! Have the writer never tasted castor oil? The mere odor of it
is enough to gag a maggot!

A Texas bluesman on this topic:

Leave Jike [read: "Jake"] Mary Alone
Lightning Hopkins

See also:

The Jake Leg Infamy, pts.1-4

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> OED has 1926 for "jake" n2 "An alcoholic beverage made from Jamaica
> ginger."
> _Junction City [KS] Weekly Union_ 12 Sep 1912 p 1 col 4 [newspapers.com]
> "Another thing that the officials are going to stop is the making of a
> near-jamaica ginger.  They say that some of this "jake" is made here by
> adding a small per cent of essence of ginger to alcohol, and that this is
> in violation of the state law, as well as the United States revenue law."
> _Muskogee [OK] Times-Democrat_ 5 Sep 1919 p 9 col 3 [newspapers.com]
> "Among the four men tried this morning, each of whom was fined $5, J. N.
> Watson admitted that he had been drinking "jake," but said that he had got
> it at Penscacola, Okla., and had forgotten to take it out of his bag when
> he came to Muskogee."
> I went looking for jake cites after reading this fascinating article,
> about how blues and hillbilly singers recorded songs about jake paralysis
> during an epidemic of it.
> http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/songs-of-prohibitions-poison/
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