[Ads-l] Antedating of fixie (1992)

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 15 05:42:31 UTC 2016

Fixie, a fixed-gear bicycle, has been added to the OED in the recent
June update, dated 2001.

Here's a Usenet antedating (and it's an FRD, a free-range definition:

1992 August 2, Keppel, David, “``Tripping bicycles and motorcycles
(was Re: Bicycle helmets)”, in rec.bicycles, Usenet[1], retrieved 15
July 2016, message-ID
<<1992Aug2.164246.23667 at beaver.cs.washington.edu>>:

A number of couriers in NYC use `fixies' -- fixed-gear bikes with no brakes.

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/can.general/qO2t6SnM_NM/gTqXtJF8UpYJ


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