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> "Greatest Niche Utility" would seem to be a useful (and fun) category.
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> Is there a category "Likely to be found highly useful by a *very* select few"?
>> From a story on off-the-beaten-path collecting, on the front page of 
>> the
> Arts section of today's NYTimes:
> “It started out innocently enough with a plastic banana in a Ziploc bag on the door of my apartment when I was in college,’’ wrote Scott McCarney of Rochester. “Before I knew it I was publishing a newsletter and collecting bananabilia.”
> But I suppose someone is going to respond that a Google search shows that the word was used by Prime Minister Gladstone in 1873.
Research should probably begin (but maybe not during the summer) at the International Banana Museum in Mecca (no, not *that* Mecca):

International Banana Museum, Mecca, CA

“The Banana Museum puts a smile on peoples’ faces every time,” says founder Ken Bannister. Since the early ’70s, he’s gone bananas for the tropical fruit, amassing more than 18,000 items of bananabilia, from a banana-shaped putter to a seven-foot-tall banana popular for photo ops. He sold the world’s largest collection of a single fruit to a new owner in 2010—the equally enthusiastic Fred Garbutt—who serves banana smoothies and dresses in banana-themed clothing at the newly installed nonalcoholic bar within the museum.


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