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The extended version appears in the movie "Stand By Me":


That bit of dialogue is taken directly from "The Body," the Stephen King
novella the movie is based on:


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> I heard my children and their friends say this--the whole thing-- when
> they were growing in the 80's and '90's.
> --Margaret Lee
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> A. Shut up!
> B. _I don't shut up, I grow up and, every time/when I look at you, I throw
> up!_
> Twelve hits.
> I last heard this ca. 1943, in St. Louis. Google also has an extended
> version that's new to me:
> "... and your mama/papa comes around the corner and licks it up."
> "Every time" was preferred to "when" in StL. IAC, it was very rare, to the
> extent that I thought that the first person that I heard say it had coined
> it. You can imagine my shock, when I heard the black Reno cop say it.
> Youneverknow.

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