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Following the tradition of hardware, software, and vaporware,
neologists have crafted "slideware".

Website: Business Insider
Timestamp: Jun. 6, 2016, 3:34 PM
Article: ‘Silicon Valley arrogance’? Google misfires as it strives to
turn Star Trek fiction into reality
Byline: Charles Piller (STAT)


[Begin excerpt]
Google cofounder Sergey Brin has said the glucose-sensing contact lens
is the idea that inspired Verily’s formation, and the company features
the product on its website as an example of small devices it’s
building that “fit more easily into daily life.”

But a former Verily manager recently called the lens “slideware” — a
Silicon Valley term for breakthroughs that exist only on PowerPoint
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Urban Dictionary has a pertinent entry with a 2006 date:

[Begin excerpt]

A product or service (usually software based) that looks profoundly
revolutionary, extraordinary or ground breaking, but only exists in
the form of Power Point pictures. Pejorative term for the fake garbage
used to solicit and obtain billions of VC money during The Bubble. Led
to numerous heartbreaking all nighters by the poor fools that actually
had to try to implement the half baked flakey promoters' con artist

The electric dog polisher could have changed the world according the
the slideware, but none of the code or design ever really existed. The
promoter walked off with millions in golden parachute money

#fake #phoney #con #vc #software #vision
by Hojoh October 30, 2006
[End excerpt]

The term "slideware" has another related sense which is illustrated in
the following passage with a 2003 GB date: 'Now "slideware" computer
programs for presentations are nearly everywhere. Early in the 21st
century, several hundred million copies of Microsoft PowerPoint were
turning out trillions of slides each year.

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