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"could" is conditional, which goes with contrary-to-fact "if,"  Is it correct for undetermined future?
 A brilliant casuist disproved every false generalization. He is justly known lately. Moreover, no pompous quibbler really said that useful verities were xenophobic yet zealous. 

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Both from Republican Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations C=
Donald Trump has two to three weeks to fix his campaign or lose so much Rep=
ublican support that it would doom his run for the presidency, Senate Forei=
gn Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker told Yahoo News on Tuesday.

=E2=80=9CHe=E2=80=99s obviously stepped in it. He=E2=80=99s made statements=
 that are inappropriate,=E2=80=9D Corker, a Republican from Tennessee, said=
 in a telephone interview. The senator was referring to Trump=E2=80=99s wid=
ely condemned declaration that a Mexican-American judge is unfit to preside=
 over a Trump University lawsuit because of the judge=E2=80=99s heritage.

=E2=80=9CHe=E2=80=99s got this defining period that=E2=80=99s over the next=
 two or three weeks where he could pivot, can pivot, hopefully will pivot t=
o a place where he becomes a true general election candidate,=E2=80=9D Cork=
er warned.
Note the conjugation of mood and tense (I hope I'm using the correct terms)=


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