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unendorse, v. {w}  Also written un-endorse.  1. to fail to have the
endorsement of other politicians; without endorsement.   


Mr. Carey certainly would have thought of something so that the Democratic
Party's probable Presidential nominee did not come to the Empire State
unendorsed by it first Democratic Governor in 16 years.  Linda Greenhouse,
"An Answer to the Question of What Albany Legislators Do With Their Time,"
The New York Times (Nexis), June 20, 1976, p 30


"Coal Bill Likely to be Unendorsed; Ways and Means Committee May Send
Measure to House Without Recommendation," The New York Times (ProQuest),
Aug. 6, 1935, p 8


2. to withdraw a previously issued statement of political support.  Standard
(used in contexts dealing especially with U.S. politics; frequency?)


Now you see it, now you don't.  Mayor Edward G. Rendell of Philadelphia, the
new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has un-endorsed Vice
President Al Gore in the increasingly heated campaign against former Senator
Bill Bradley of New ersey for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
"Party Chief Changes Mind on Gore," The New York Times (ProQuest), Sept. 28,
1999, p A22


Josh Feldman, "Lindsey Graham Is Now Urging Other Republicans to Un-Endorse
Trump," Mediaite (Google News), June 6, 2016,



1935? (as unendorse);  1999 (as un-endorse). 

Composite (prefixation): formed from un- (), as in ... (), + endorse (), as
in .... ().


unendorsement, n. Also written un-endorsement. (infrequent?): Four men
remain in contention to be the next presidential nominee of the Republican
Party. Last Thursday, 2012 standard-bearer Mitt Romney said that one of
these men was not like the other.

Call it an unendorsement speech.

At least it also was a recognition that of the other three candidates ...
Romney's substantive and serious argument was "an extraordinary public
rebuke" of the party's front-runner, said the New York Times. Drew Clark,
"Is it time for Republicans to start preparing for a new party?" Deseret
Morning News [Salt Lake City] (Nexis), March 6, 2016, p not given


This is not an endorsement (or un-endorsement) of Young's politics, but the
woman who made national news headlines by saying, "If you're going to play,
you've gotta pay" in a discussion of health care for indigent mothers is
known for and respects plain talk, especially when it is intended for
private consumption.  Jan Glidewell, "Back and ready to poke fun," St.
Petersburg Times (Nexis), Feb. 2, 1992, p 1


My friend Charles Perlik of Falls Church, international president of The
Newspaper Guild, once again acted-by my lights-wrongly when he cast the
guild's votes in favor of the parent AFL-CIO's premature endorsement of
Walter Mondale's presidential bid.  Jack Eisen, "Union Unendorsement," The
Washington Post (Nexis), Nov. 9, 1983, p B2


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