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According to Sarah Lyall, who attended a preview of Part One of "Harty 
Potter and the Cursed Child" in London on Tuesday, "We learn once and 
for all that Voldemart is pronounced with a silent T: 'vol-DE-more'."  
(Today's NYTimes.)

(Not where I would put the accent, but its her choice, as she's one of 
the story co-writers.)
<end quote>

I would imagine that if Joanne "J. K." Rowling, a one-time French teacher, decided that "Voldemort" had a silent "t" at the end, then she would have given the name the proper French pronunciation /vol d@ mor/ (French has no accent).

Please note that the last syllable is spelled "mort".  "I am Lord Voldemort" is an anagram of his muggle name "Tom Marvolo Riddle".

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