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Sat Jun 11 06:11:54 UTC 2016

_One-more-thing_ as a noun, Macworld Online headline:

[Apple] W[orld-]W[ide]D[evelopers]C[onference] wish list: Surprises, wild
cards, and _one more things_


Google: About 318,000 results

*Very* raw; includes "one more thing(s)," "one. More thing(s)," "one more:
thing(s)," "101 more things," typos, etc.

The earliest instance _may be_:

La historia del "One more thing..." - Applesfera
Jul 22, 2008, 4:33 pm - Ojalá sean 10 "_one more things_" espero llorar de
alegría cuando lo anuncien… uff demasiadas expectativas, tendré que rebajar
la euforia por si acaso, pero… ojalá.

[Hopefully there are 10 "_ one more things_" I expect to weep for joy when
they are announced ... whoa too many expectations, I'll have to reduce my
euphoria just in case, but ... hopefully.]

The above is a comment on a comment on an earlier blog. That earlier blog
drew a similar comment, but that comment is undated.

For non-Apple fanboys, "one more thing" was Steve Jobs's catch-phrase that
he used at the end of his WWDC keynote speech to presage the announcement
of the newest "insanely-great" Apple product.

There is also an instance of "nos one more things" on a French site, but
dated years later.

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