[Ads-l] "Don't spit in our faces and tell us it's raining" (NYC, 1903),

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Hi all,
Barry Popik sent a message to a few of us requesting that his website (barrypopik.com) not be overlooked by the experts on our listserv

With regard to "Don't spit in our faces and tell us it's raining" (NYC, 1903), Barry commented
"I wrote a version of this for the Texas part of my website about ten years ago, because of the OUTLAW JOSEY WALES cite and a presumed western origin." 

Barry's website is an extraordinary achievement, containing a vast amount of information on Americanisms. It deserves to be consulted as a standard reference work.

Below my signoff is what he pointed to concerning "Don't spit in our faces...".

Gerald Cohen 

[from barrypopik.com]:


Old Fulton NY Post Cards 
3 October 1903, The Evening Post (New York, NY), “Split in Sheehan Ranks,” pg. 3, col. 1: 
“You can’t hand us over to Tammany,” said one of the bolting members. “I want to tell Sheehan and the rest of his friends that you can’t spit in our faces and then tell us it’s raining. We are on to your game.” 
4 May 1960, Jerusalem (Israel) Post, “Spittle into Rain,” pg. 4, col. 4: 
Their concern for relations with Nasser has gone so far that they are prepared to have him “spit in their face and say it’s raining.” 
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