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>> Now perhaps someone can take it back to having been applied to Cato?
>Or at least to Gandhi.


Edwin Brock _Invisibility is the Art of Survival_ New Directions Publishing, 1972 (the title page is not available; this is Google Book's date)

Gandhi sat in India
Cross-legged by a spinning-wheel
"Gandhi will get you if you
don't behave" my mother said.


The last time I thought about India
the <I>Kama Sutra</I> was out in paperback,
but trying to read it with a slipped disc
and a paunchy waist was difficult.


India's a nice kind of phantasy,
but Gandhi's dead, and you can be sold
the <i>Kama Sutra</i> in a Butlin's camp
by one of those nice red-coated girls.

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